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LM76 is an industry comprehensive supplier: Automation, DOD, Food Process, Packaging Machinery, Bio-Pharma, Medical & Scientific Systems.

Anniston 1.jpg
Project 1 Hellfire


LM76 has been the chosen supplier
for a linear system on the new Bowhead - Sea Based - Hellfire Missle Launching System. The design engineering was accomplished between LM76's lead engineer Mike Quinn and engineers at U.S. Naval Engineering, Dahlgren, Virgina. Sea trials have been ongoing
for the past 3 years and a contract has been awarded to Grumman Northrop and Teledyne Brown.




Project 2 Nestles


Nestles Corporate Engineering chose LM76 to design an FDA/Caustic Washdown linear bearing and shaft system for frozen dinner packaging lines. The new design features LM76 NP Coated Pillow Block Housings with a corrosion resistant linear ball bearing that employs LM76's proprietary ETX Scraper Seal end caps. System shafting is our 440C case hardened stainless shafting with ARMX coating for additional hardness and corrosion resistance.
Bearing 11.png
Project 4 NASA 


This application required extremely low friction, low and high temperatures and near total inertness. This all 440C linear bearing has a thin dense chrome shell and retainer and is without seals. The stainless balls were removed and replaced with ceramic (silicon nitride) balls to ensure no possibility of cross corrosion between balls and associated components. When this bearing is activated, it must move freely regardless of how long it has remained stationary. 
Project 5 Paper System


This system manufactures paper towel logs and then slices them into desired lengths. As the robotic arm swings through the logs to slice them to size, the 13 foot log is indexed forward. Under the index tables are pillow block bearings and shafting which allow the the indexing forward. As the blade passes through the bottom potion of the index table, the blade passes through a series of sharpeners which throw off tiny (hard) metal particles which contaminate the bearings -leading to premature bearing failure. 
LM76 engineers designed a scraper seal cartridge that has tripled bearing life. 
ceramic bearing balls.jpg
End Cap.jpg

Project 3
57mm Deck Gun - Navy

The US Navy design center at Dahlgren asked LM76 to design a linear recoil system for testing a new 57mm deck gun. We chose our Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings riding on 440C case hardened shaft assemblies. The acceleration is too high for ball or
roller systems. Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings have

been used in applications which see over 120'gs acceleration - unequaled.

Cannon Recoil System.jpg
Project 6 Self-Centering
Linear Slide 


We were asked to design a self-centering linear slide that would be able to provide as clamping force of 6000 pounds between the opposing carriage plates. This slide is 10 feet long. One of many successful slide designs from LM76.
Project 7 Sargento 


Sargento had an application which required FDA/Caustic Washdown compliance. This system required low friction operation and had to able to allow flushing/evacuation of debris from  the bearing rail area. LM76's WD2 Water Dog linear block and 300 series stainless rail were chosen and are now installed in several production plants.
WD2 wix.png
Project 9 Nuclear Fusion Reactor


This Nuclear Fusion Reactor Company is at the forefront of an energy revolution. LM76 was called upon to design a linear motion package that would allow for the opening and closing of 2, 75,000 pound containment vessels.

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