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About LM76

The LM76 Story

Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings - A Major Breakthrough in Linear Bearing Design And The Original Drop-In Replacement for Linear Ball Bearings - 1976

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THE SOUL OF A NEW IDEA In 1976, Warren Hamilton - an internationally recognized designer of plain (sleeve) bearings was asked by a customer to solve a linear ball bearing failure. At the time, Warren and his team spent most of their efforts on traditional rotary, sleeve bearing designs. Applications like a revolutionary sintered, high temperature (700F+), self-lubricating aircraft engine stator vane bushing made from nickel, chromium and cobalt - eventually used in every F404 engine employed on the new F-18 Hornet - America's latest topline fighter. Getting back to the linear ball bearing issue... Warren studied the linear ball bearing failure and set-out to find a solution. The linear ball bearing was failing because of too short a stroke coupled with rapid oscillation. Up until this time, there were no drop-in alternatives. In 1976, ceramic technology was in its infancy relative to industrial designs. While struggling to find an answer, Warren had a design epiphany: ceramic coating an aluminum substrate. Thus, the ceramic coated linear bearing - and LM76 (Linear Motion 1976) - were born. It was truly an engineering milestone..." Since then, LM76 has immersed itself in all plain bearing material advances from polymers to polyimides. We have also fielded a comprehensive line of linear ball, roller and "V" wheel roller systems. Coupled with our advances in linear motion bearings we have developed a complete linear shafting capability and linear slide design division. "If it goes back and forth or up and down, LM76 has a solution for your application." John Tarbell, President LM-Tarbell/LM76.
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