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Engineered Solutions


LM76 is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of linear bearings, linear shafting and
linear slides.

LM76 has an earned reputation for linear bearing design, manufacture and for providing solutions to extremely difficult linear bearing applications.  
LM76 is major supplier of linear motion shafting: RC60 Case Hardened Steel, 440C Case Hardened Stainless and 300 Series Stainless. We offer high end coatings such as Armoloy and Marvalloy for additional surface hardness and corrosion resistance.  
Linear Slides



LM76 is a major technical force when designing special application linear slides. We have not had a return or service issue in 15 years. We do all design calculations and manufacture. 


"LM76's Mike Quinn and his team were a pleasure to work with due to their superb knowledge of their industry and their openness to explore new ideas and opportunities for their company. Mike was able to provide me with a solution to what appeared at first glance to be a simple problem but it required meeting to discuss my needs and a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking to find the correct product. If people need solutions to difficult problems then Mike Quinn is the person you should contact. His professionalism perfectly matches the mission of LM76." 

Noel Casey ​- Senior Scientist  Atomic Spectroscopy 

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